What is photoscape

Photoscape is free open source image editing software with lot of cool features  like creating animated gif,writing text on pictures,retouching images,one of coolest feature of Photoscape is Batch Edition.You can download this amazing software for free here .

What is Batch Editing

Using Photoscape Batch Editor you can edit any number of images within seconds with following effects.

  • Resize images in batch
  • Crop images in batch
  • Add beautiful frame to all images in batch
  • Gryscale images in batch
  • Add Contrast,Brightness,Blur,Deepen,Sharpen images in batch
  • Add effects like sepia,Negative in batch

How to edit hundreds of images withing seconds(batch edition of images)

Step1:- Download Photoscape and install it.

Step2:-Open photoscape batch editor.



Step3:-From left sidebar drag images you want to edit.


Step4:-Now lets us add frame to all images. From top right select frame you want to add to all images .You can go to Filters for more effects like brightness,contrast and many more.


Final Step :-Finally click on convert all and save it to get all images exactly you wanted in few seconds.

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